Oct 21, 2022 in Jobs

CQE After sales Engineer

Job Description
1. Technical support during after-sales service;
2. Analyze and reply to customer complaints about defective products, and output an 8D analysis report if necessary;
3. Improvement and follow-up of product customer complaints;
4. Follow up on customer service after abnormal quality improvement;
5. After sales return warehouse defective product analysis, product improvement follow-up;
6. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor.
Job requirements
1. Technical secondary school or above;
2. Having the relevant skills of 8D, FA, QC and other seven techniques is preferred;
3. Basic electrician knowledge, familiar with appliance/lighting product application is preferred;
4. More than 1 year of experience in home appliances and lighting after-sales product analysis.
Salary 5.5K-5.8k/month+overtime pay+meal allowance+year-end bonus+social security

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